Design phase 1 – the Undugu Oasis

The design for phase 1 of the Undugu Oasis has been finished. Above is an impression of the end result, of the renovation of one of the community halls. This step was the favorite of the workshop sessions. Why is this so important?

Here will be place for local organizations to hold office, organize meetings and exhibitions. Solar power lights the room and powers the devices. Now the Undugu Society can continue to support Mathare after dark.

Located close to the main Joja Road, also organizations from the outside can rent the space for their activities in the neighborhood and with the inhabitants of Mathare. The revenue this generates will be saved until the next community hall can be renovated to good use again.

With help from the Lion’s Club in Bunnik and more recently of Desso the initial funds have been raised.

current situation
after renovation

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