Who? Family of friends

Slumfighters International is a non-governmental organization with the purpose of making an end to slums worldwide.  We are an international network of experts in the fields of: engineering, architecture, urbanism, real-estate development, legal affairs, financing, sociology, pedagogy and sustainability.

We combine our decades of historic experience on slum upgrading in Western Europa and the USA, with ongoing knowledge gathered locally every day in existing slums globally. We position ourselves, freely translated, like a relation therapist: Slumfighters negotiates and works with informal inhabitants and bottom-up initiatives on one hand, with formal organizations, government and top-down programs on the other, in other words: Slumfighters is all-in.


Kria Djoyoadhiningrat – architect & social entrepreneur
Nicole Zeldenrust de Beaufort – GIS, cadastral data, cross-cultural consultancy
Frank Schalkwijk – organization architecture


Our research and approach landed us a place in the semi finals of the Justice Accelerator from the HiiL Foundation. They also helped us crowdfund money for our project in Kenya.



KnownAfrique is a Kenyan based law firm, headed by Richard Muhereza. Their goal is to make the law known. Together we set up the project in the Mathare Valley Slum during the Nairobi Design week. And we continue to bundle our efforts!



Bouke Bruins was our pioneer and researcher in Rwanda. He is the most resourceful and creative person you’ll ever meet!

Mathare Legal Aid and Human Rights Advocacy is our pivot point in the Mathare Slum.

Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie sponsored our International Exploration in Rwanda.

Desso donated to our project at the Undugu Oasis.

Lion’s Club Bunnik raised funds for our project at the Undugu Oasis.

Sapana.org helped us develop our participatory approach.