How? Playbook

We empower slum inhabitants, private stakeholders and formal organizations by thinking win-win. We cooperate and uncover mutual benefits with an step-by-step play book. We explore your social, economic and living situation and wishes. Together we develop a customized plan which guides you through the process of improving your home, your street and your community.Whether you are a slum inhabitant, private stakeholder or part of a formal organization, each of you can initiate this process and all stakeholders can participate in a transparent, mutually beneficial and just way:

1-2 Together we systematically explore the status quo and the interests of all stakeholders.

3-4 We adapt the route map methodology to the local context and personal preferences.

5-9 We explore the mutual benefits through hands-on tools and intensive scrums that enable all stakeholders to participate.

10 When we have consensus, we proactively sign a mutual agreement with all stakeholders that acknowledges and values both the informal inhabitants’ and formal organizations’ interests as the agenda of the local government,

11 We elaborate and propose a transparent investing opportunity, giving a full overview of the costs, benefits and risks.

12 And ofcourse we act, implement and make a change!

Finally we use the new input to (re)develop our route map methodology further, ensuring continuous improvement.