Slums always exist with a reason.

When looking beyond first appearances, slums mainly offer a very pragmatic response of it’s people and community to whatever need. Often the need encompasses affordable housing, but can also be: employment opportunities, commercial or industrial space, health services, education, culture, need to escape. The answer is evident in the sub-standard shacks where people live, the various forms of labor, countless workshops and shopping streets, illegal dentists or abortion clinics, informal community schools, musical events, or drugs and alcohol production and trafficking.

We give a voice to those who are not heard,

We listen to those who are misunderstood,

We look beyond the first glance,

We empathize with adversaries and

We mediate to overcome the impasse,

We empower those who are struggling,

We acknowledge those who have met injustice.

We fight for a bright future.

We believe that everybody counts, but nobody is the same. Everyone deserves to have freedom, be treated with justice and get opportunities to succeed in life. We believe we can empower slum inhabitants to take control and proactively pursue access a safe home, health care, education, employment, culture, recreation and feel connected. And we believe that their pursuit to succeed in life will benefit both the city and therefore the society as a whole.


We aim to urbanize existing slums into safe, healthy and sustainable neighborhoods, improving the lives of the 1 billion informal inhabitants, with respect and recognition for all stakeholders, no extra cost for inhabitants and government and optimal profit for the official owner. We look to understand the status quo first and all its delicate dynamics from every different angle. We negotiate both bottom-up and top-down interests towards an all-in strategy that aims at the optimal balance of mutual benefits. Slumfighters will set the urbanization of the slum in motion by developing generic knowledge products, turning informal settlements into informed settlements. Next we take the responsibility of supporting the current victims of the unacceptable worldwide situations until implementation and completion.

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Slumfighters International is a non-governmental organization with the purpose of making an end to slums worldwide.  We are an international network of experts in the fields of: engineering, architecture, urbanism, real-estate development, legal affairs, financing, sociology, pedagogy and sustainability. We combine our decades of historic experience on slum upgrading in Western Europa and the USA, with ongoing knowledge gathered locally every day in existing slums globally. We position ourselves, freely translated, like a relation therapist: Slumfighters negotiates and works with informal inhabitants and bottom-up initiatives on one hand, with formal organizations, government and top-down programs on the other, in other words: Slumfighters is all-in.


We fight for a world where

  • each and every person can live in their peaceful home every day;
  • cities are nice places where you can do the things you like, improve yourself and contribute to your society;
  • the people who develop and maintain the city and the people who live there understand, respect and support each other;
  • everybody who shares this vision can benefit, contribute and participate with Slumfighters

You can help our cause by:

  1. Connecting us to other Slumfighters
  2. Sharing your expertise
  3. Donating to support our projects