To begin with…

To begin with…

… we listen to those who are misunderstood,

… we look beyond the first glance,

… we empathize with adversaries and

… we mediate to overcome the impasse,

… we empower those who are struggling,

… we acknowledge those who have met injustice.

That is how…

… we fight for a bright future.


Why? Slums always exist with a reason

When looking beyond first appearances, slums mainly offer a very pragmatic response of it’s people and community to whatever need. Often the need encompasses affordable housing, but can also be: employment opportunities, commercial or industrial space, health services, education, culture, need to escape. The answer is evident in the sub-standard shacks where people live, the various forms of labor, countless workshops and shopping streets, illegal dentists or abortion clinics, informal community schools, musical events, or drugs and alcohol production and trafficking.

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How? Playbook

We empower slum inhabitants, private stakeholders and formal organizations by thinking win-win. We cooperate and uncover mutual benefits with an step-by-step play book. We explore your social, economic and living situation and wishes. Together we develop a customized plan which guides you through the process of improving your home, your street and your community. Continue reading “How?”


What? Project sprouts

Depending on the soil a plant is rooted in, you get a different result. And not every plant can root everywhere. This is how we get a wide variety of results, because we work with a wide variety of people. Here you can find a couple of examples where our approach might take you.

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Who? Family of friends

Slumfighters International is a non-governmental organization with the purpose of making an end to slums worldwide.  We are an international network of experts in the fields of: engineering, architecture, urbanism, real-estate development, legal affairs, financing, sociology, pedagogy and sustainability.

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