Commitment to crowdfunding QuinuaQ

Slumfighter Kria doubles as an architect in Studio ROSA and was hired to assist the NGO Mama Alice in Peru.

The NGO Mama Alice is established in 2005 by Frederique Kallen. This passionate woman from Limburg, the Netherlands, is dedicating to support more or less 500 children and youngsters with psychology, education and health care in Ayacucho. Ayacucho is a beautiful, historic city in the Andes Mountains. However it is a poor city with many social problems.

To give the children a better future, Mama Alice also offers vocational trainings to young people who have no access to the labour market and who come from a difficult situation with domestic violence and poverty. Every year between 50 and 100 pupils, in the age of 16 to 24 years old, take part in the vocational training courses of Mama Alice. Those trainings will improve their self-image, their position in the labour market and develop themselves personally and socially.

The restaurant will offer relaxing weekends in a beautiful and peaceful environment and will give the opportunity to enjoy meals prepared with honest and local ingredients, partly grown in our own vegetable and fruit garden. Besides that the water for all sanitary facilities will be filtered, cleaned and reused and all materials used within the Ecolodge will be sustainable.

NGO Mama Alice Peru will become less dependent from funds from third parties and becomes more self-sufficient: a social enterprise thus as a big step towards a financially sustainable future. Profits from the restaurant will be partly reinvested into the business itself and partly will flow back to the NGO Mama Alice Peru.

With this support Mama Alice will offer educational and psychosocial programs to yearly 500 children. We hope that you want to help realizing the dream of hundreds of young people by donating for this beautiful project.

May we serve you a delicious meal? – Mama Alice Studio Rosa QuinuaQ – YouTube